2 July 2012

What a great Monday at Nick Hopkin Drums!

It may have rained all day, but my 3 year old Alice was able to come to work with me, as my new shop premises has a bathroom and kitchen. Small comforts. She wandered around eating all my biscuits and watched kids dvd’s while I boxed 2 kits for courier collection. The snare drum from a 1960’s Edgeware kit finally arrived, completing the set that I am stripping and refurbishing for a client. Beautiful black diamond pearl, pictures of it as it arrived….


By midday, Tanny arrived with Lois & Joel, lots of food and made us lunch. Still raining but we were happy. Surrounded by drums and family. What more could you ask for? The afternoon was spent arranging drums, tidying tools away, sorting out spare parts and photographing drums.Oh, and buying a couple more snare drums. I dashed out at 4 and picked up a kit and some odd drums and stands, then back to shop for courier to collect kits. At closing time the legendary Bristolian Richie Paradise dropped in for a cup of tea and a natter… Oh, and a 1970’s Ludwig set in Champagne sparkle…. photos of that one tomorrow, watch this blog!


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