A slow day…

It’s been a slow day at Nick Hopkin Drums. Due to feeling like i’ve been hit by a bus, with a really heavy cold, I haven’t managed to do much physical drum work today despite having a queue of kits lined up for restoration! I did however get lots of admin stuff done, which usually falls by the wayside.

I’ve joined Vintage and Rare which is a relatively new site featuring specialist musical instrument makers and dealers. Looking forward to a good long term relationship with them, it’s great to have another site promoting quality instruments by people who care about them.

I had chance to natter with one of Cornwall’s finest drummers, Pip Harbon,as well as catch up with America’s biggest collector of Premier drums in the states CJ Blundell. He’s got every Premier drum kit since the 1930’s in just about every colour – awesome! Nice to have time to talk drums.

I’m slowly sorting through boxes and boxes of spares – lugs, rods, claws, screws, snare throws – that aren’t on my site yet. If there’s anything particular you’re desperate for, now’s a good time to ask! Hopefully I’ll be back on my feet properly tomorrow…..

Drum of the day at Nick Hopkin DrumsSlingerland Super Sound King (chrome over brass).


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