Another busy da…

Another busy day at Nick Hopkin Drums. A customer popped in with a lovely Premier Royal Ace in mahogany duroplastic, early 60s small ‘P’ badge. Fiddled with the snare wires for an hour or so until I came to the conclusion the flo beam mechanism may need some adjustment…Everyone who’s been there groans at this point; something to tackle on a good day with lots of coffee! 

I cleaned and polished the Edgeware shells today, and the results are great, really happy. The chrome work has had all the gunk cleaned off and is ready for a good polish before re-assembling. Still lots of work to do, but looking nice…


This kit is going to look stunning when all the hoops are back on it shining with new, crisp, unplayed heads !

Been trying to get my new premises ship shape and homely. It still needs a few tweaks, but we’re getting there. 

Getting my Ludwig Super classic tuned and cased up ready for a studio hire this weekend along with a nice 400 snare. Getting cases ready for the 4 kits I’m picking up this weekend. Beverley and Hayman drums coming very soon…..Image

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