From the sofa…

Taking a bit of time out for a well earned holiday, after spending 6 months getting Nick Hopkin Drums up and running.  I’ve just acquired 6 kits ready for restoration – 1960’s Beverley 22,13,13,16 in black, late 1960s / early 1970’s Beverley 22,12,13,16 in blue shimmer, late 1970’s Beverley 22,13,14,16 in electric blue, Hayman Vibrasonic 22,13,16 with 14 snare in midnight blue, Ajax Nu Sound 22,13,16 in burgundy ripple, 1980’s PremierProjector 22,13,14,16 in metallic red. A 1970’s Premier 2000 and a 1976 Ludwig 400 snare drum, both with virtually no pitting. A battered old 1970’s Ludwig 400 that looks like it’s been dragged around the world and given a good hiding and a Slingerland 6.5″ COB which sounds like a cannon going off. Oh and some 1970s Paiste 2002 black label cymbals. 



Beverley drums are starting to become more and more collectable, after years of being ignored. The mahogany shelled kits with 10 lugs on the bass drum are often compared to Ludwigs, at a third of the price. The late 70’s kit in electric blue features birch shells and projects well…. they became the Premier Projector in the 80’s. Hayman drums are fairly hard to come by in original condition, like the set I just picked up. Ignored by many, but loved by those who play them (Bill Bruford, Mitch Mitchell, Brian Bennett), they feature thickly coated white interiors (Vibrasonic) making them loud and cutting. The round turret like lugs paid homage to Camco, and were unlike any other drums in the 70’s, although they now adorn a famous drum company played by many. The Premier 2000 snare was the favoured live snare for Keith Moon and many 70’s rock drummers and remains popular to this day; the Ludwig 400 needs no introduction, the most recorded snare drum of all time. 

I’m looking forward to restoring these to their original condition when I return from my hols.

Had a nice surprise today, too, in the form of a half page article on Nick Hopkin Drums in Drummer magazine, UK. Thanks for all the support. 



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