Ajax Nu Sound restoration August 2012

This week I finished the restoration of an Ajax Nu Sound set in burgundy ripple. The kit arrived at Nick Hopkin Drums in average condition for a 1960’s kit; a few lugs were broken and needed replacing, the chrome was tarnished and dirty, the wrap was smoke stained from years being dragged around clubs…. but on the plus side there were no extra holes, all the hardware including tension rods were original and even original heads. Ajax drum kits in this colour and condition are fairly rare and all it needed to restore it to its original glory was a really good clean.


The Ajax Nu Sound kits were made between 1967 and 1970 and were the last to be made under the Ajax name. This set is an ‘Allegro’ – 22 x12, 13 x 9 and 16 x 16. The drums feature straight grain shell construction giving a deep resonant tone; features include the lovely ‘A’ brackets for floor tom legs, cymbal holder and tom brackets which are non slip; steel triple flanged counter hoops. A nice touch, I think, is that on the toms the top lugs have the insert in the top of the ‘A’ and the bottom lugs in the bottom. Interestingly this bass drum had 10 lugs, although the drums in the old catalogues tend to only have 8. 

The restoration: I removed all lugs and polished them; all screws and washers were soaked to remove rust;  All hardware and hoops were cleaned; the wrap was cleaned of all grime and then polished. All hardware re-assembled to shells with 5 replacement lugs. All drums fitted with Remo coated ambassadors and original Ajax logo display head. Lovely. 


Now being played and loved at a new home in Swansea. 




4 thoughts on “Ajax Nu Sound restoration August 2012

  1. Superb work, Nick :-}

  2. Good work Nick.. Tell me .. how did you get rid of the rust on the Clamps ? Or did you just replace them ?

  3. Thanks guys…Gave them a good clean Mark!

  4. Looks great 🙂
    I’ve recently got a Ajax kit to restore; i was wondering if you knew where i could find a tom arm for the kit?

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