November update

Its been a mad few weeks, moving premises. But I did it. 4 long wheel base transit vans full of vintage lovelies, accessories, shelving etc etc. Tiring. The new place is split into 3 rooms, so my reception room is crammed full of lovely snare drums, stands, pedals, heads and vintage spares. The middle room will be a demo room; any kit can be set up for customers to play. Currently it is home to 17 kits and 60 shells while I sort out the storage in the rest of the building. This week i’ve sorted out enough space in my workshop to actually get some work done. I was fed up of searching for tools in cardboard boxes and tripping over hoops.

Today I finished restoring an early 70’s Premier kit in Burgundy pearl. 22,12,14,16floor –  transition with dagger tom mounts, the 12 and 16 pre-international. In beautiful condition with no extra holes, just a little tom rash lets on that the kit isn’t new. otherwise one would think so, the wrap polished so well. 



On the bench for tomorrow is an Ajax Nu Sound in quite a rare finish,  Blue Streak. Ive only seen Rogers kits in this finish, but it kind of makes sense as the Ajax and English Rogers kits came out of the same factory, so it could be one of a kind. The kit is 20,12,16 and is all original, with no extra holes and no major scratches to the wrap. Looking forward to restoring it to its original condition with black hoops and nice new heads.



Finally I’ve got something a bit special lined up for next week – a 1970s Premier ‘Jubilee’ in 24,13,14,16 and 18 floor toms. Once again all original, stunning. Pics to follow once the Ajax is done.



One thought on “November update

  1. Great work Nick, You take on much more than I would ever atemt to.

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