What a great week !

What an amazing week at Nick Hopkin Drums.

Monday I drove to the Midlands, firstly to collect a kit that I left with my good friend Gavin @ Magic Garden Studios, back in July. En route I bumped into Jason from Natal drums at the services, had a coffee and talked drums for an hour or so. Top bloke, top drums great catch up.

Next stop, ‘Sir’ Alan Buckley’s house for a look at his vintage drum collection. For those of you unaware of  ‘Sir’ Alan, he has the most extensive collection of vintage drums certainly in the UK, probably in Europe. For those of you who know, then you know. Approximately 110 kits and 400+ snare drums (dating back as far as 1910), consoles, traps tables, accessories, spares…. you name it, he has it. Had a great chat about drums, looked through some lovely old catalogues and saw drums I’ve only ever seen in books….. watch this space!

Tuesday and Wednesday was the usual – stripping and cleaning some lovely kits ready for new homes. Posting various spares out. Doing a couple of repairs.

Thursday. Unbelievable…. Mark from EMF gets in touch via facebook, he’s building a house fairly nearby. Looking forward to catching up with him in next couple weeks to play and talk drums. Then Dave Barbarossa. The original Ants drummer. He messaged me through facebook and we had a good chat about drums… what a legend!  ‘Dirk wears white sox’ was the first record I bought. He’s just released his autobiography ‘Mud Sharks’ which looks like a good read; I’m hoping to get him in behind a kit in the New Year when he’s doing some bits in South Wales. In the afternoon I took a call from a local PR company writing pieces for the press on new businesses in Wales, so I did an interview over the phone which was great fun. That should be out in several local papers in the next few weeks. In between all that, I moved my new premises around, making my workspace more comfortable… we’re almost there! Happy days. I got home to several messages saying I’m in this months Rhythm magazine, but I still haven’t seen it or got to the bottom of why – its probably the back of my head at the London Drum Show!!!

Today, Friday, I took the morning off and went to a local farm with the kids, then spent the afternoon finishing off some shelving in my office area. Set a bop kit up in the ‘kit room’ just in time for the kids to arrive and Joel give it a good smashing!

What a great week 🙂


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