1977 Premier ‘Jubilee’ kit

I picked up this lovely Premier Elite set last November. It arrived at my workshop in pieces – 5 drum shells and a box of chrome. I was excited as the Birch shells were in great condition, all beech reinforcement rings present and in good condition, with no major scratches to the wrap, no shell damage and no extra holes. The chrome was in poor condition with lots of rust and dirt, but nothing a good clean wouldn’t sort out. The sizes were nice too – 24,13,14,16,18. 


Fairly rare I thought, in this colour and sizes. It doesn’t appear in any Premier catalogues. A picture I posted on twitter confirmed that there’s a handful floating around the UK, some with concert toms. It seems that they did the Tri-band in custom colour options, this being popular in the Silver Jubilee year of 1977.


I cleaned and polished the shells thoroughly. The white band has discoloured somewhat to a cream over the years, and there were a few minor scratches. Some rash on the 14 near the mounting block. All lugs were polished and fitted, as were the tom mounts and floor tom leg blocks. All the toms but the 18 had die cast hoops, which cleaned up nicely; the 18’s hoops were rusted beyond repair, so some replacement hoops fitted.

The tom mount on the bass drum had been changed to the later Roc-Lock holder, so I re-fitted the correct 1970’s mount. The bass drum hoops were a little tatty, so were re-sprayed. The whole kit was fitted with new Evans coated G1 heads on the toms and a Remo Emperor clear on the bass drum.

So here she is all present and correct; 1977 Premier Elite in Tri-band Red, White & Blue. This was Premiers top range kit in the 70’s and it sounds immense. 







More pictures of the kit here.

Did you have one? What colour? Where is it now?


5 thoughts on “1977 Premier ‘Jubilee’ kit

  1. Hi nick , I have same kit 24 13 16 18 and gig it regularly cheers andy

  2. I have one of these and are looking to sell if anyone is interested please.

  3. I have one over here in Australia, 24,13,14,16 don’t have the 18′ floor tom tho. I bought it in Rushworths Liverpool. Its the concert tom kit, it gigs.

  4. I have the same kit. It was owned by The Troggs roadie who I bought it from. I have a picture of The Troggs playing it. It is still in good condition with a few dings picked up over it’s 37 years and is played regularly.

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