An average Wednesday…

This morning the phone rang before the kettle had finished boiling. Monnow Valley Studios call – a client in for 10 days needed some metal snare drums urgently! Spent the rest of the morning going through snare drums and chatting to Steve Osborne about recording Olympic kits with one mic, among other things. It was quite nice that he remembered hiring a Luddy kit from me last summer. I left behind the ever reliable 70’s Ludwig 400 and 70s Slingerland COB. They said i’d saved the session, which felt good, I’ll be heading back next week to hear the results.


Back to my shop by 1 just in time to meet a customer who always turns up with some lovely drums to sell on his behalf. Today a hand hammered Yamaha Copper shell Roy Haynes signature snare, 14×5.5″. Beautiful.



3 pm – Stripped and cleaned an early 80’s Premier brass snare which needed shipping out to a customer (Geoff Barrow of Portishead). Clive Deamer (Radiohead, Portishead, Robert Plant) had the same snare from me last year, for use on a Portishead European tour. Geoff wanted one for the new album – looking forward to hearing it in action. 
Spent the rest of what was left of the day returning missed phonecalls and emails, whilst finishing a re-wrap on a 13″ Gretsch tom. Took a few pictures, had a quick whirl around a kit, drank some tea, munched a few biscuits then headed home for 6.


(Here’s a pic Clive sent me of his Vistalite kit with the brass Premier snare on last years Portishead European tour)



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