Lots of vintage drums to play

Come try some vintage drums and Istanbul Mehmet cymbals at Nick Hopkin Drums. A dozen kits and numerous classic snares in stock.

1960s Premier

1960s Premier

Early 60’s Premier set in Black diamond pearl, 20,12,16 in lovely, original condition. Birch shells with beech re-enforcement hoops and time-warp chrome!

Eddie Ryan Custom 1970’s Kit

Eddie Ryan Custom 1970's Kit

This set was build by legendary English drum maker Eddie Ryan in the late 70’s; The kit is in beautiful, all original condition in sizes 26,13,16. For more info click the picture to link through to my site.
If your preference is smaller sizes, I have another of his kits in stock, again late 70’s, with an 18″ bass drum & 6,8,10,13,16″ concert toms!