Vintage Yamaha DT-225 on a Welsh mountain

This week I took a 1960’s Yamaha DT-225 kit, complete with a set of Istanbul Mehmet cymbals up a nearby mountain, The Sugar Loaf, which overlooks Abergavenny where my shop is. Hope you enjoy it….

Vintage Drums at South Wales Coal Mine

I’ve just had some new slides done for my website which hopefully showcase some of the beautiful Welsh countryside surrounding my shop. A couple weeks ago I shot a video of me playing drums on top of the Blornge mountain, which overlooks my home and my shop. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting ‘Big Pit’ mining museum, once a working coal mine just a 15 minute drive from my shop. This mine was the pride of South Wales a century ago, providing the coal for The Titanic; it continued to produce coal into the 80’s. So many great things to see, do and learn there and free to get in! So next time you’re visiting me for a kit or snare, pop into Big Pit; we had a great time there. Fun for the whole family with a good cafe too, which was playing ‘Shirley Bassey sings Foreigner’ while we had a cuppa….