Vintage Drums at South Wales Coal Mine

I’ve just had some new slides done for my website which hopefully showcase some of the beautiful Welsh countryside surrounding my shop. A couple weeks ago I shot a video of me playing drums on top of the Blornge mountain, which overlooks my home and my shop. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting ‘Big Pit’ mining museum, once a working coal mine just a 15 minute drive from my shop. This mine was the pride of South Wales a century ago, providing the coal for The Titanic; it continued to produce coal into the 80’s. So many great things to see, do and learn there and free to get in! So next time you’re visiting me for a kit or snare, pop into Big Pit; we had a great time there. Fun for the whole family with a good cafe too, which was playing ‘Shirley Bassey sings Foreigner’ while we had a cuppa….