1 November 2014

Today I feel totally grounded, like I’ve come full circle and am ready to step up to the next set of challenges! Its a year since I moved into my ‘new’ premises, somehow, and i’m nearly there in getting it right. Monday sees the next phase of building storage and display units, which should hold all the new vintage gear arriving in the next few months.

Today I drove up into England, for a meeting with a fellow drum enthusiast with a growing company of his own; on the way, i drove up the road where i wrote a car off 4 years ago whilst returning from picking up a kit from Stafford; this was one of the first kits i picked up when planning and stocking for Nick Hopkin Drums. Hitting black ice at 10pm and spinning down a road completely out of control was pretty scarey, but in many ways was the start of the rollercoater ride that has been setting up, running and establishing my business. I realised today how far i’ve come, the great people i’ve met along the way, the great customers and supporters i’ve met all across the world, and in that moment this morning just felt completely overwhelmed by it all. In a positive way. 

Now i’m putting some plans together for next year,  which are giant leaps for Nick Hopkin Drums but I’m really excited and ready for the challenges. Watch this space for up to date news !