Eddie Ryan Custom bop kit 1970’s


This stunning little Bop kit was one of Eddie Ryan’s creations in the 70’s. For those of you not familiar with the name, Eddie worked for Boosey & Hawkes in the 60’s then went solo, repairing and restoring kits for many name drummers and eventually building his own drums. He still makes his own kits and carries out repairs today.


This kit was built in the late 70’s for a gigging drummer who wanted a great sounding kit, that fitted in 2 cases. The 18″ bass drum is a Premier, with older Olympic lugs and a 70’s tom mount. This alone is a rarity. The 16″ floor tom is Premier too, with the bottom lugs removed and plugged. The toms for the kit – 6,8,10,13 are all concert toms, built by Eddie, in Mahogany and featuring his mark that distinguishes these shells as his – each shell is cut in half vertically, then glued back together, which he argues ‘removes any unpleasant ring from the drum’.


This kit is covered in a a beautiful tortoiseshell finish, which admittedly is an acquired taste. The wrap still looks like new, with no scratches or cracks, testament to the owners love of these drums.Played in an 18,10,13 or an 18,13,16 set up works well with a cymbal arm mounted on the bas drum; it feels nice as an 18,10,13,16 too. For me the 6 & 8 are optional extras! It sounds as you’d expect – punchy, but with a warmth due to the mahogany shells. A lovely little kit that is looking for a new home, it’s been stacked up at my shop for some time and wants to get out and play some Christmas gigs!!!



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