January 2014 news

2014 is in full swing now and it’s already been exciting for us here at Nick Hopkin Drums.
We have had a bevvy of beauties in including a haul of 70’s Premiers – a B202 in Grey Shimmer, a 303 in Aqua marine shimmer, a couple of  Elites in Polychromatic Gold, and on Saturday a 60’s ’58’ in black diamond pearl in stunning condition.These are just waiting for a  spruce up on the bench then out and under the lights for me to catch their best side ready for you to view on our site.
“The Bench” has been busy with quite a few refurbs this month. It seems like people are giving their babies a refresh ready for a new year of gigs. I love this service, reuniting people with their kit is great… I love to see the happy faces when the kits are picked up and receive pictures of them on stage in all their glory.

We are delighted to have been invited to exhibit at the Chicago Drum Show in May this year…. it’s tricky trying to decide on which kits to take when there are just so many wonderfully crafted British drums to choose from. Premier will, of course, feature heavily as the kits that came from the Premier museum are so pristine, I’d like to take them all!
If you’re reading this is the USA and are looking for anything to complete your set up, drop us a line and we’ll add it to our show itinerary if you can collect from the show.

There was an exciting find in a customers chrome Elite in for a refurb this week – a Lokfast floor stand with a double tom holder. We have seen pictures of these but never had one in the shop before… it was great fun getting our geek on about it.

Hoping your new year has been as exciting as ours has so far. More kits and snares due online this month….