February 2014 – what a great month!

Wow, what an exciting month we’ve had here at Nick Hopkin Drums! I really feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground for these past 4 week, and they probably haven’t – i’m shattered, but it’s been fun. We’ve had some real beauties come and go through the shop, as well as some name players and producers drop in unexpectedly for a cup of tea, a Welsh cake and an impulse purchase or two!

Two kits went out the door before they even made it onto the website – a 1960’s Premier in Black diamond pearl (20,12,16) which is now being loved and played in Italy; and an early 1970’s Premier 303 kit in Aqua shimmer (20,12,14,16) which is now being loved and played in the UK.

Other highlights include a huge 1970’s Premier Elite Jubilee concert tom kit (26,13,14,15,16,18, 18) that went to , A 1970’s Premier Elite in Poly Gold (24,13,14,18) that went to , and 70’s Premier bass drum and 2000 snare drum to a studio in France. A few of my favorite snares have left the building too – Slingerland Sound King (70’s) COB 6.5″, Ajax Pipper in black pearl (60’s), Star (early 70’s) COB, Rogers Powertone, Premier 2000 (late 60’s) COB, Ayotte custom piccolo (80’s), Sonor D506 (80’s)….. Don’t worry though, there loads more arriving weekly, so be sure to keep checking the site.

We’ve had some lovely kits come into the shop in the past 10 days – a 70’s Premier Elite in Poly Gold (22,13,14,16) in immaculate condition, with one owner since new in 1975. An early 80’s Premier Soundwave Mk II (22,13,14,16) likewise in immaculate condition; An early 60’s John Grey & Sons Broadway ‘Popular’ set (20,12 & snare). A rare Premier 2001 snare in gold glitter and Ludwig Maple Classic snare have just arrived, as has a George Hayman kit in ‘Midnight Blue’ (20,13,16). Next week, kit wise we’ve got a monster 70’s Elite in Poly Red with a 26″ bass drum, late 50’s Trixon and early 70’s Premier kits arriving and another handful of snares….

Drop us a line if there’s anything you’re on the lookout for, and follow us on Twitter for daily updates on what’s coming in….