George Hayman Restoration March 2014

We just finished restoring a rare George Hayman set here at Nick Hopkin Drums. Hayman drums were introduced onto the market in 1968, and the name was soon shortened to ‘Hayman’, so to come across a ‘George Hayman’ in original condition is a real treat. Furthermore, in a 20-13-16 configuration, this set is fairly sought after.

Thankfully the only real battle scars on this kit was to the shell interiors; clearly the kit had been used for some time with no front head on the bass drum and no bottom heads on the toms, and i suspect that the drums had been nested inside each other for easy transportation. So apart from the usual crazing to the white vibrasonic interiors, there was areas with no paint at all or badly chipped. I left this as it was, as I believe that some things are better left alone, they’re part of the story. The snare, in comparison, was/is immaculate.




The exteriors to the shells were near perfect, in original Midnight Blue. The shells were carefully cleaned inside and out, the chrome was removed from all shells and thoroughly cleaned and then the drums re-assembled. The hoops on the bass drum weren’t original, so I sourced a pair from a Hayman collector in London. I managed to source some blue wrap, too, which is the closest I’ve seen to the Midnight Blue, to use for the inlays, which completed the kit nicely.

I fitted Evans G1 coated heads on the toms and an Evans EQ3 on the bass drum and the drums sounded….awesome! There’s no mistaking the Hayman sound, and these drums lived up to the Vibrasonic tag. The kit sold before I even began restoring it. Its packed up ready for delivery to its new owner this Friday. More information on Hayman drums here. Enjoy the pictures.



More pictures and info here