Late 60’s Beverley kit in Viking Gold

We recently had a fairly rare late 1960’s Beverley kit in the shop, although it was snapped up within 4 days! Finished in ‘Viking Gold’ this kit was in amazing condition both inside and out. The wrap was tight on all drums, with only a couple of minor scratches, and the wrap still a shimmering gold that had lost none of its visual allure.

The chrome was in really good condition, with just some minor wear to the hoops, and all the parts were completely original. Blue ‘b’ badges on all drums, triple flange hoops, disappearing bass drum spurs and a disappearing dagger style tom mount. Mahogany shells with beech re-inforcement hoops in sizes 22×14, 13×9 and 16×15. All in all this kit looked and sounded stunning.

Not surprisingly, it had been used extensively in the studio of a famous UK producer, only being moved on to make space for some new drum acquisitions (we all know about that one!). He said it never failed to perform, always fulfilling its reputation for producing a big, warm sound with great lower frequencies from the bass drum. 

Here’s a link to some pictures and a video of the kit discussed here, also an article I wrote on Beverley drums for ‘Not So Modern Drummer’.