American Beauties

It’s true that we mostly specialise in English Vintage drums at Nick Hopkin Drums, but we never turn away classic American drums. This week we’ve taken stock of a couple lovely American snare drums, firstly a Leedy & Ludwig Broadway New Era in white pearl. Circa 1952, 14 x 4 1/2 3 ply shell with white interior stamped 5210. Other than 4 small holes near the snare throw, this drum is in lovely condition, with original fittings – 16 side by side ‘beavertail’ lugs, nickel over brass hoops, a real gem of a drum. A lovely warm tone with good sensitivity….


We also have a classic mid 70’s Blue/Olive badge Ludwig 400 supraphonic snare drum in the shop, in lovely condition with original heads and wires. No pitting whatsoever on this ‘ludalloy’ shell, this really is in lovely condition and sounds awesome too. This classic snare drum never goes out of fashion…


Drop us a line if you’re interested in either of these snares and well do you some heads and sticks at a great price to go with them.


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