Working on a new showroom

Well, for the whole of this month we’ve been working on a new room at Nick Hopkin Drums…. So if you haven’t been able to get me on the phone, or if I’ve been a little slow replying to emails and getting orders out, it’s all been for good reason. We’ve taken on more space, which was a large empty room with a stone floor in need of some TLC. So I’ve been putting in some serious hours with the help of a few good friends, painting walls, carpet tiling floors, fitting alarms and cameras, building drum risers and display platforms, and generally overheating! Our existing building has become out HQ with a nice office space and our workshop which remains in a constant state of chaos but where good things happen to forgotten drums.
We’re almost done with the new space and will let you all know when it’s ready for an official launch, but for now here’s a couple before and after pictures of progress so far.




We’ll keep you posted on progress with this room. We just need to complete the snare drum racking and a few other minor details and we’ll be ready for a vintage drum party!


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