A great start to August 2014

We’ve had an amazing couple weeks at Nick Hopkin Drums to finish off July and take us into August. Some really stunning kits have left us in the last couple weeks – late 60’s Premier in Oyster (20,12,14,16), early 70’s Olympic in blue silk (20,12,14), Premier Black Shadow Resonator (22,10,12,13,16), late 60’s Premier 202 in blue shimmer (20,12,16)  and an early 70’s Hoshino in Silver (22,12,13,16). Add to this a selection of lovely snares – Premier Royal aces, super aces, concert aces, hi-fi’s…. its been really great seeing these go out to new homes, to be played and enjoyed, rather than sit around looking pretty in the shop. 

We’ve also been supplying the world with vintage spares and accessories with new customers in Germany, Australia, Canada and Norway. It’s great being able to provide these rare parts, knowing they’re going to revitalise a snare or drum kit that is currently unusable.

We’ve not much on the bench at present, as we have a room full of lovely kits and snares. However we did take delivery of a rather special snare drum for restoration, belonging to a certain Rick Buckler of The Jam. Used on many Jam recordings, I’m told, with the original Premier heads on! We have another of his arriving next week, so I’ll get some pictures online as we commence work.

To end this week, we’ve a long road trip tomorrow to collect some rather special kits and snares from a client to sell on consignment, when the pictures hit my website, you’ll know who it is. Friday I’ve got Chris from UK band ‘The Heavy‘ popping in for some repair work, and a cuppa. Be great to see him, just back from playing Fuji Rock festival. 

The new showroom is almost finished, just some snare racks to finish and a few tweaks to the decor and we’ll be ready to rock!