Rare 1950s Premier drum set in marine pearl

It’s not every week that we get a kit come through the shop that makes me swoon. We get lots of classics come through in really nice condition, that sound equally as nice as they look. But when this kit came out of its cases, I wanted it!
I picked it up from the widow of a serious collector, who sadly passed away a few years ago. He had several choice kits in stunning condition, cased in a safe, dry storage facility. But as I took a peek inside the first case, my heart fluttered, this one was that extra bit special. A full 1950s Premier set in original condition complete with a full set of calf heads, what a find!
It’s rare to see full sets in this colour, before the glitters and pearls that most associate with the name Premier. The set is finished in marine pearl, which over time has mellowed to a yellow/peach colour which gives it more charm in my opinion.
The sizes and features on this set are something else too; a 20×14 bass drum undrilled for legs or a tom post. Tone control dampers front and back and a mount for a cymbal arm on the right. A spur mounts from the front hoop to give the drum some stability, when the 12×8 tom is mounted off the opposite hoop via a clamp and L arm. To complete the set there’s a 14×18 floor tom with original leg brackets from that era, a pre-cursor to the spring tension brackets of the 1960s. It’s so rare to see a floor tom in this size and in this condition, what a treat. These three drums are in fantastic original condition with ‘script logo’ badges, and the earlier Art Deco lugs and bass drum rods. The bass drum has 3 small holes near the batter head hoop where the cymbal mount has been moved and the resonant head on the 12 has ripped. Apart from that, this kit is immaculate.
A slightly later, again super rare 16×18 floor tom comes with this set with 1960s lugs and badge. The wrap has faded similarly to the other drums so it’s my opinion that this tom was added within a few years of the set and has been kept together as such, rather than it being added years later.

This set of drums is simply stunning, and in this condition I don’t anticipate another surfacing in the UK anytime soon. There’s the option to purchase the matching Super Ace snare drum with this set, which completes it nicely. Again, in fantastic original condition with original wires.
This set is a must for any collectors of English vintage drums out there or players who are looking for a 20,12,14 bop kit that will turn heads for its style and sound.
More details on this set online at http://www.nickhopkindrums.com



3 thoughts on “Rare 1950s Premier drum set in marine pearl

  1. How could anyone with blood running through their veins,and pulse,not want it.

  2. That is a real beauty!

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