Snare drum of the day- Premier Royal Ace 4″

Here we have a lovely early 1960s Premier Royal Ace, 4″ model. The drum is identifiable as being early 60’s by the small P badge about the size of a thumbnail. Fitted with die cast hoops and original parts in great condition, the quality of Premiers chromium plating evident throughout.
Birch shell with beech reinforcement hoops, wrapped in white duroplastic. The White has discoloured in places with age but generally is in great condition with no wrap lift or major scratches.
I recently stripped the hardware from this drum and gave the shell a gentle clean. The chrome was polished and the drum was fitted with new heads. The original ‘double ten’ wires are fitted and still in great condition with full tension of the wires possible with no annoying buzzes.
This drum is in great condition and would suit a collector or player.

IMG_5973 IMG_5982 IMG_5979 IMG_5980

More information at Nick Hopkin Drums

Snare of the day – VK Carbon fibre custom

Today’s snare drum of the day is an unique VK Custom Carbon fibre.
This 13 x 6.5″ snare drum was hand built in the UK in 2013 by Alan at VK Drums, a prototype if you like to the drums he is now producing.
The shell is 4 ply carbon fibre, the interior badge indicating that the shell is F#. The lugs and hoops are UK built from Sheffield steel, the drum also features the VK strainer.
This drum offers bright attack and low timbre, allowing the payer to tune the drum quite high but still get a full sound with plenty of mid and bottom frequencies.
Fitted with Evans heads and Puresound snare wires, a really great sounding, unique addition to anyone’s snare collection.





More information and photos here – VK Custom Carbon fibre snare drum at Nick Hopkin Drums

Snare of the day – Carlton Cracker 1960’s

Todays snare of the day is a 1960’s Carlton Cracker.

This popular shallow birch shell snare drum from the 60’s is in lovely condition, in a red silk. The drum is all original with die cast hoops, slot tension rods and Carlton snare wires. The lever for the snare throw is present (they are often missing) and is in good working order.

Yesterday I stripped and cleaned the drum and fitted it with a new Evans G1 coated head. I left the original head on the resonant side. Tuned up she sounds lovely. More pictures here 

IMG_5893  IMG_5904 IMG_5897IMG_5898

Snare of the Day – 1960’s Rogers Dynasonic

Snare of the day, a 1960’s Rogers Dynasonic,an understated classic I think.

Possibly an acquired taste and totally different to other classic snares such as the Ludwig 400 or Acrolite, Premier 2000 or Beverley 21. Many are put off my the snare cradle, but this one is complete in full working order and I just fitted it with brand new wires. The drum is late 60’s 14 x 5″ chrome over brass shell, with ‘clock face’ throw, cast lugs and script badge.

So today I stripped the shell and gave the drum a complete overhaul, as its been on the snare racks for a few months awaiting a new home. I gave the shell, lug and hoops a good clean and polish, then fitted Evans Hazy 300 on the bottom and Evans G1 coated on the top. New Puresound vintage series wires were fitted to the cradle with Puresound snare cord, a quick tune up and She’s ready to go. Sounding awesome. A really crisp sound to this drum, with that nice brass tone in the middle.

I’m surprised it’s still here, a steal at this price with new heads and wires –

IMG_5685 IMG_5688 IMG_5690 IMG_5691 IMG_5700

Snare of the day – Premier 35

Today’s featured snare drum is a Premier 35 circa early 1980’s.

The drum features a 14×5.5″ beaded chrome over alluminium shell. Triple flange hoops replace the die cast hoops of the 70’s, and square head tension rods replace the slot head that Premier were famous for. Featuring 10 lugs, this drum is pretty much the English equivalent of a Ludwig supraphonic 400 at a fraction of the price. The drum responds well at all tunings.

Today I stripped and cleaned the snare, leaving the original Everplay resonant head on but fitting it with a new Evans 360 G1 coated.

Discounted by 10% for one day only here.

IMG_5666 IMG_5668 IMG_5669 IMG_5670

Snare of the day – 50’s Premier ‘No. 2’

Snare of the day today is a 1950’s Premier ‘No. 2’.

14×6″ Brass shell, coated in white as appeared in the early 1950’s Premier catalogue. Today I stripped the drum down and gave it a good clean. I left the original Premier head on the bottom, but fitted a new Remo ambassador on top. With the original wires intact, this drum is completely original except for the tension wheel on the snare butt which has been replaced. Fitted with the original die cast hoops, this drum is in good condition with just a few marks on the shell. One can see a little brass showing near the snare beds.

The parallel snare mechanism on this drum means that there is maximum response and sensitivity from the wires, the brass shell giving the drum a nice warmth to the sound. You don’t see many of these snares on the market, the snare wires themselves are very rare. Discounted for a day only here.

IMG_5649IMG_5651IMG_5637 IMG_5638   IMG_5644IMG_5639

Snare of the day – Premier 2032

In the countdown to Christmas, we’re going to feature a snare a day and give it a tasty discount for one day only.

Today’s snare is a Premier 2032, circa 1990 in nice condition. Today I stripped this snare back to the shell, polished all chrome, cleaned inserts, cleaned the shell and put it back together. Fitted with a new Remo Ambassador coated head and some replacement wires, this snare is ready to gig straight off the rack.

The drum shell is 14 x 6.5″ , birch with beech reinforcement hoops. Fitted with die cast power hoops (which are a little flakey on the top) all parts other than the snare wires are original. Sensitive with a good crack when tuned high, when tuned low a near perfect classic rock thud!

Discounted for one day only here

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