Snare of the day – Premier 2032

In the countdown to Christmas, we’re going to feature a snare a day and give it a tasty discount for one day only.

Today’s snare is a Premier 2032, circa 1990 in nice condition. Today I stripped this snare back to the shell, polished all chrome, cleaned inserts, cleaned the shell and put it back together. Fitted with a new Remo Ambassador coated head and some replacement wires, this snare is ready to gig straight off the rack.

The drum shell is 14 x 6.5″ , birch with beech reinforcement hoops. Fitted with die cast power hoops (which are a little flakey on the top) all parts other than the snare wires are original. Sensitive with a good crack when tuned high, when tuned low a near perfect classic rock thud!

Discounted for one day only here

IMG_5614 IMG_5618 IMG_5621 IMG_5624


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