Snare of the day – 50’s Premier ‘No. 2’

Snare of the day today is a 1950’s Premier ‘No. 2’.

14×6″ Brass shell, coated in white as appeared in the early 1950’s Premier catalogue. Today I stripped the drum down and gave it a good clean. I left the original Premier head on the bottom, but fitted a new Remo ambassador on top. With the original wires intact, this drum is completely original except for the tension wheel on the snare butt which has been replaced. Fitted with the original die cast hoops, this drum is in good condition with just a few marks on the shell. One can see a little brass showing near the snare beds.

The parallel snare mechanism on this drum means that there is maximum response and sensitivity from the wires, the brass shell giving the drum a nice warmth to the sound. You don’t see many of these snares on the market, the snare wires themselves are very rare. Discounted for a day only here.

IMG_5649IMG_5651IMG_5637 IMG_5638   IMG_5644IMG_5639


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