Snare of the Day – 1960’s Rogers Dynasonic

Snare of the day, a 1960’s Rogers Dynasonic,an understated classic I think.

Possibly an acquired taste and totally different to other classic snares such as the Ludwig 400 or Acrolite, Premier 2000 or Beverley 21. Many are put off my the snare cradle, but this one is complete in full working order and I just fitted it with brand new wires. The drum is late 60’s 14 x 5″ chrome over brass shell, with ‘clock face’ throw, cast lugs and script badge.

So today I stripped the shell and gave the drum a complete overhaul, as its been on the snare racks for a few months awaiting a new home. I gave the shell, lug and hoops a good clean and polish, then fitted Evans Hazy 300 on the bottom and Evans G1 coated on the top. New Puresound vintage series wires were fitted to the cradle with Puresound snare cord, a quick tune up and She’s ready to go. Sounding awesome. A really crisp sound to this drum, with that nice brass tone in the middle.

I’m surprised it’s still here, a steal at this price with new heads and wires –

IMG_5685 IMG_5688 IMG_5690 IMG_5691 IMG_5700


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