Snare drum of the day- Premier Royal Ace 4″

Here we have a lovely early 1960s Premier Royal Ace, 4″ model. The drum is identifiable as being early 60’s by the small P badge about the size of a thumbnail. Fitted with die cast hoops and original parts in great condition, the quality of Premiers chromium plating evident throughout.
Birch shell with beech reinforcement hoops, wrapped in white duroplastic. The White has discoloured in places with age but generally is in great condition with no wrap lift or major scratches.
I recently stripped the hardware from this drum and gave the shell a gentle clean. The chrome was polished and the drum was fitted with new heads. The original ‘double ten’ wires are fitted and still in great condition with full tension of the wires possible with no annoying buzzes.
This drum is in great condition and would suit a collector or player.

IMG_5973 IMG_5982 IMG_5979 IMG_5980

More information at Nick Hopkin Drums


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