23 April 2015

About time I wrote some updates to what’s going on at Nick Hopkin drums. If you’re not on my mailing list or following other social media channels, you probably missed that I fractured my ankle a few weeks ago, so times have been slow. Anyone who knows me, knows I dont really do slow, but physically I had to come to a complete stop initially.

In some ways its been good to take a rest and look at the business from an armchair with one leg up in the air in a plaster cast, as I’ve been pushing the business constantly for 3 years. I’ve had to take on some help to pack orders and take deliveries and thankfully we’ve managed to stay on top of the orders and get vintage kits and snares out to Spain, Belgium, Italy and USA as well as hundreds of spare parts out to customers in 40 countries for their restorations and repairs.

Last weekend I hopped over to Frankfurt, Germany for their annual vintage drum meeting which was pretty exhausting on crutches but a lot of fun. After hopping around the maze that is Frankfurt airport to collect my case full of vintage spares and accessories, I crashed into a taxi and made it to my hotel. Lunch and a look around some shops then an evening meeting with all the vintage traders and enthusiasts at an Italian restuarant. A great evening of good food and vintage drum banter was had, I learnt a few things as always and made some new friends.

IMG_8916 IMG_8925 IMG_8932 IMG_8941

Saturday was the show itself with a focus on Rogers drums and K cymbals. Hosted by Martin Schneider in the Zeppelenheim, the show is in its 17th year and going well. A real community vibe to this meeting, with plenty of trade going on as well as friends getting together for an annual catch up on what’s new in their collections. Only 20 mins from the Musicmesse show that runs the same week, its a shame more dont take the short journey over to check this show out, there were some real gems there as well as lots of vintage spares to trawl through. I’ll be returning next year, and plan to visit the Zeppelin museum opposite which I only noticed as I pulled away from the venue. Shame, as I wasted a few hours waiting for my flight but I’ll be back for sure. Why not take a trip out there too?

IMG_8931 IMG_8933 IMG_8938 IMG_8947

My preparations are now under way for the 25th Chicago vintage & custom drum show, which is less than a month away. Time to decide which snares to take, get them cleaned, re-headed and packed ready for shipping. I’m excited to be taking a small selection of snares by UK builder VK Drums, which I think will stand well next to some choice vintage British made snares I’ll have on display. I should be having my cast off next week, so should be a little more mobile by then although still on a stick.

I’ve launched a very simple Nick Hopkin Drums webcam channel, so you can tune in and see what goes on in the shop. Its at the teething stage at the moment, as I’m slow around the shop on crutches, so there’s lots of blank footage. But I plan to do some more planned broadcasts with some tutorials on restoring and repairing particular drums, and discussing vintage drum features. Suggestions are welcome. I’ll be broadcasting live from Chicago too, so make sure to book mark the channel.

Nick Hopkin Drums Webcam

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