Capelle Turbo drum kit

We’ve had a really rare Capelle Turbo kit in the shop for a couple of weeks, which has taken up a lot of space! Today it sold, and will be off to its new home in a couple of weeks, so look out for it on a stage near you!

These kits were made for a short time in the early 80’s, I believe, by Jaques Capelle in France. 9 ply mahogany shells in serious power sizes make this kit pretty weighty in both looks and sound; 24×32 bass drum, 12×12 & 13×12 toms, 16×16 floor tom.

Other quirks to the kit include quick release handles on the tubular bass drum legs and tom post, and the interesting design of the floor tom legs.

A stunning set, I doubt we’ll see another pass through the shop, but you never know!

IMG_9581IMG_9576IMG_9592 IMG_9580IMG_9584    IMG_9593

June 2015 news update

Well, its been a roller coaster 6 weeks here at Nick Hopkin Drums, so I thought I’d share with you all some of the great things that have been happening.

The 25th Annual Chicago drum show as amazing, as expected. I missed all the drum clinics and masterclasses, but you can probably find them on YouTube. There appeared to be a lot more drums there this year, than last, with some real gems to be seen. I had a great time catching up with friends I made last year as well as making new ones, and as it was a 3 day show had a little more time to wander around and take it all in. There are some photo sets that organiser Rob Cook has posted here, here and here. Already looking forward to next years show in a new venue; details here.

This year I bought some vintage American stock which will be shipping across to the UK in the next couple of weeks, so keep a look out on the site for some nice kits and snares. If you’re not signed up to my e-newsletter, you can here for a monthly round-up of what’s coming into the shop.

Two weeks later, and I visited Holland for the annual Dutch Vintage Drum Meeting. Much smaller than the Chicago experience but equally as fun. The event was really well organised with two halls containing some 50 exhibitors of mostly vintage with some custom. It was great to catch up with some friends I made at the Frankfurt show in April, as well as make new friends. There was loads of vintage drums to check out and a great time was had by the 200+ visitors to this one day show. Well worth checking out if you fancy a weekend away with some vintage drum action. Info on next years show here.

Last weekend I visited the UK Classic drum show at Red Barn in Nuneaton. Run by ‘Sir’ Alan Buckley, the show was a little difficult to find, but worth a trip up the road to the Midlands. Although poorly attended the barn displayed some of Buckley’s vast collection as well as some other sellers of vintage wares. I picked up some spares and caught up with a few other vintage drum heads.

I admit defeat on keeping the webcam up to date, but will endeavour to try and run this on the best platform. Recently I’ve been using the Periscope App which automatically posts onto Twitter and Facebook, so if you download the app you’ll get notifications when I’m live!

Aside from the shows, we’ve had some lovely sets come into the shop and have more to come. Be sure to check the website regularly for new stock coming in.

A couple days before I headed to Chicago, we were asked by Real World Studio to supply some vintage drums; they came up to the shop and selected some kits and snares to put in the studio for hires. They took a late 1960’s Yamaha set in blue pine 22,13,16 and an early 70’s Premier set in blue pearl 20,12,16. For snares they chose a late 60’s Yamaha snare drum to match the kit and a Sakae Trilogy 6.5″. These drums are now available for hire at the studio. We’re excited to get some feedback soon from clients and look forward to working with them on more vintage drum sounds and services at the studio.

We’ve got some ‘new’ vintage products we’re putting into production this year which we’re excited about, but early days at the moment….. Stay tuned, fellow drum heads!