Beaded shell snare drums…

There are many ‘beaded’ rather than straight shell metal snare drums on the market, mostly chrome over aluminium or steel, occasionally brass. The earlier, Pre WW II drums tend to be Nickel over brass. We’ve got a good selection in at the moment, both English & American at prices to suit every budget.

The most common and popluar beaded shell snare drum is the Ludwig Supraphonic 400; the most recorded snare drum of all time, a real classic. Most shells are ‘Ludalloy’ with some earlier models chrome over brass.


The English copied these snares when Beverley introduced the ‘Cosmic 21’ in the late 60’s. Ask anyone who’s played one and they’ll tell you it looks and sounds exactly the same as a Ludwig 400 at half the price.


Premier soon followed with their own version of this popular snare drum the ’35’.


Premier introduced an 8 lug version of this drum, the 1026 which was 6.5 x 14″ chrome over steel.


Many more to discuss, and lots more on my website, but hopefully this gives you some idea on the range we have in stock.


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