December 4th 2015

Ok, so i’m behind with the blog again, but wow we’re having some fantastic times at Nick Hopkin Drums. Our first big American shipment of vintage drums landed in October and most of the snares went in the first week. If you missed out on that, don’t panic, as we have 2 (yes 2!) shipments due in the next couple weeks.

We built some new racks and turned one of our rooms into a new snare room, crammed floor to ceiling with vintage beauties. Add to that a load of vintage drum spares – lugs, throws, rods, keys,  – some Protection Racket cases, Puresound snare wires and a great seletion of heads and we’re close to snare heaven.


Next week we have a great selection of mainly vintage Ludwig snare drums arriving – Acrolites, Supraphonic 400’s, Jazz Festivals, Pioneers…. The week after we have a good selection of Slingerland with some more Radio Kings and some metal shells too.

We’ve moved our opening times around a little; I’d love you to come visit us and try some of these vintage beauties for yourself. No two drums are ever the same, come and spend some time going through the rack, trying different tunings and head combinations, and find the perfect snare for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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