Sonor D421 snare rebuild

Yesterday I spent most of the day arguing with a vintage Sonor D421 snare drum from the mid 60’s. It belongs to a customer of mine, Dean Beresford, who has been putting the matching kit to good use with various artists here, there and everywhere! He gave me the snare some time ago as the mechanism was seized and the snare wires were shot….

Well, the drum has been sat in the workshop for a long time, and despite fixing the mechanism, the wires are impossible to find and nothing else will fit. So I suggested adapting the snare drum with some modern fittings so that the drum can be played again with the matching kit.

So after stripping the drum, and stripping out the original parallel mechanism, we fitted a vintage throw and butt end that make the drum more than just functional, but sensitive to different styles – mainly by the adjustable butt end which allows for greater control of snare wire sensitivity. They also look pretty cool.


The chrome on the lugs and hoops had gone beyond polishing in places, but we gave the drum a good clean up; fitted the tone control dampener with a new felt, some new inserts in the lugs. New heads and finally Puresound custom snare wires.



We didn’t plug any holes, as we’re still hopeful we’ll unearth some wires for the drum and get it back to its original condition.

The drum tuned up great and sounds amazing. Its on its way to Dean, hopefully for an outing this weekend.


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