USA vintage snares

Today our first pre-Christmas shipment of vintage USA snares arrived!

6 large boxes full of goodies! Tomorrow I’m going to start giving them some TLC where needed, some new heads and wires here and there. There are some real beauties in there, for sure. Ludwig Acrolites, Ludwig Supraphonic 400’s (60’s & 70’s), A Super Ludwig COB,  a couple Jazz festivals (both wmp), a lovely Ludwig pioneer in blue glitter, a Gretsch 4108 brushed aluminium… a couple Speedking pedals and some hardware pieces.


We also brought over a couple Ludwig kits, that I’m adding to our studio hire stock, although I may consider selling them if you fancy something glittery for Christmas. A ’76 Ludwig Classic in gold glitter, 3 ply with re-rings, Granitone interiors 22,12,13,16 & an early 80’s Ludwig Classic in red glitter, 6 ply 22,12,13,16….

If you prefer Slingerland we still have some metal and wooden shell snares in stock from our shipment last month; the blue glitter Radio King is particularly nice, as is the Sound King COB. We also have some great English snares in stock from Autocrat, Premier, Carlton & Beverley.

Why not pay us a visit and try some gear, maybe treat yourself for Christmas? We have another shipment arriving in a week with some more Ludwig snares and a handful of Radio King snares… Oh, and a couple boxes of ‘the drum wallet’.


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