11 Feb 2016

Been having a great week sorting gear out in the shop, listing more snares and kits. A nice late 70’s / early 80’s Ludwig 6 ply maple in red glitter – 22,12,13,16 – has just gone online. Its pretty worn to be honest, unsurprising as it sounds awesome. He shipped this in at Christmas from the States with a Gold glitter Classic in 22,12,13,16 but that sold over the weekend after popping a photo on Instagram!


We’ve just listed a pretty flakey, but awesome sounding Ludwig Supraphonic 400 snare drum on the website. This is the only one we currently have in stock, with the Super Sensitive model we had in the shop leaving yesterday with Owain of StudioOwz.



Always good to see Owain, a loyal customer of ours since the day he drove to the shop in the snow for some advice on a gretsch kit he was having problems with about 3 years ago. He runs a great little studio in West Wales stacked with vintage gear (lots of great drums as well as mics, amps and outboard gear). He’s soon taking over a nice residential studio with a great big drum room, we’ll probably run a little feature on that when he’s settled in.



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