12 Feb 2016

Just sat listening to Bjork, reflecting on a busy week over a cup of tea. Is it just me, or is it freezing cold in the UK right now? I’d quite like to curl up somewhere warm and take a nap…. today, so far, I’ve been photographing small spares to list on the website later today. I’m down to hundereds of small parts that people are looking for, but whether they’ll find them on the website is another matter. Slingerland dampener knobs, Premier pedal spares, snare drum claws, old drum keys…

Next up a video of a late 60’s Gretsch 4160 COB snare drum to go on Instagram. Don’t see many of these drums here in the UK, this one is mint with original key in the drum; it also sounds really great.

Loads of great bands paying the 6music festival this weekend, just over the bridge in Bristol… not sure I’m going to make it though. If you’re playing and fancy a visit, pop over tomorrow for a tea and a warm by the oil heater!




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