Pre Serial Ludwig Super Sensitive

Today we took delivery of a stunning pre serial Ludwig Super Sensitive snare drum. Wow….. and breathe! This drum is an example of one of the very first super sensitive snare drums produced, circa 1961/62. The drum features a chrome over brass shell, with brass hoops; the earlier tone control dampener with the round tension knob; keystone badge with no serial number. The original wires are present, although several are missing, but the drum still sounds incredible. These drums are super rare, especially here in the UK.

Bob Henrit claims that only a dozen or so of these were made….“in 1970 I took it with me on Argent’s first American tour and took it to Ludwig in Chicago to see if they could resuscitate it. In those days there really was a trouble-shooting guy and one of his jobs was to tune the drums before they left the factory (which is why they always sounded fabulous when you took them out of the box). He took my drum away to fettle it and replaced the pressed-steel snare guard along with most of the important knurled-nuts for its parallel action.  He told me there had been around a dozen brass-shelled Super-Sensitives produced in 1962 when even though they were in the catalogue and designated brass, were very rare..”

What a stunner to have in the shop, it’s brightened up my day!


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