Replica Vintage Spares

We’re continuing our quest to provide customers with replica vintage spare parts, essential to the repair and maintenance of their snare drums. This week I visited my engineer Neil, who’s been working on countless projects for me! Poor guy can’t keep up with my ever-whirring brain!


We’re nearly done with making the inserts for Premier 2000 butt ends. These will come complete with height adjustment screws and the adjustment knob for tension. We hope to have some available for sale in the next 2 weeks.

We have, however, succesfully made some levers that fit American snare throws – Ludwig Classic, Gretsch Micro-sensitive etc. We have a couple design options available. These will be going on the website this weekend. We are also working towards finalising levers for Slingerland Radio King snare drums –  for both the three point strainer and the clamshell.

Finally, we are still working towards manufacturing snare wires for Premier Royal Ace and 2000 snare drums. These are taking a long time to finalise, but we want to get them right! Stay tuned…..


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