Great friends & vintage snares

Last Friday it was great to have a visit from my good friend Julien from Bristol.

When I first opened Nick Hopkin Drums, I joined Facebook, Twitter etc and started talking with people on drum forums about the new venture; a bricks & mortar UK vintage drum shop! One day I received a message from Julien, who basically had a garage full of vintage drum spares he’d been selling at shows for a few years. He was really into what I was doing and wondered if I wanted all of it! So I drove over the Severn bridge and we met at a service station and loaded my car with boxes and boxes of vintage spares.

Some of these were my essential stock initially, and Julien has been a massive support since the day I opened. You know, one of those people you can call when the chips are down. One of those people who encourages you to keep going, even when it seems like an uphill battle. One of those people who tells every drummer he knows to come and visit the shop.

So it was great to have Jules visit last friday for a hang and a catch up. Just last week, I’d found a random box of drum bits that had been under a workbench since the day I opened, a box from Jules’ garage! I finally sorted through this, and found some treasures among the random drum spares crammed in there. Those bits are finally on the website.

We had a great time catching up and playing snares. He brought a few with him, which are now for sale in the shop, and couldn’t resist leaving with a new vintage snare to play!

So I just wanted to publicly appreciate Jules and all the support he gives to Nick Hopkin Drums, although we rarely see each other. I’m so blessed to have great people like Jules in my life.


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