Vintage Snare of the week…

Gretsch 4160 COB

Every Wednesday we are going to start a feature ‘snare of the week’.

The drum featured this week is a late 60’s Gretsch 4160 with the knurled centre markings. This drum has a 14 x 5” Seamless spun brass shell, chrome plated and highly polished. Fitted with a Round Badge but the lightening throw off dates it somewhere between 67 and 71. The drum features 8 single lugs and solid die cast counter hoops with a tone control dampener fitted.

All parts on this drum are original and in excellent condition, no dents to the shell just a few surface scratches; there is no paper badge in this drum. A nice design feature is the drum key holder, which secures the original key in the badge.


The Gretsch catalogue described it as this:

“The Gretsch metal snare drum sounds better than any you’ve ever heard. Its got the clean crisp modern sound that really stands out. An eye catching beauty with highly polished chrome plating, it has Wide 42 power snares to give your drumming that extra power professionals demand. No wonder you look better, feel better, sound better with Gretsch.”

More information & photos of the drum on the website


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