Paul Daniels

We’re sorry to hear of the passing of Paul Daniels. I along with many, many others grew up watching The Paul Daniels Magic Show on tv. Just over a year ago, whilst on the phone to a customer who had called the shop, I realised I was talking to the Paul Daniels! He’d landed on our website and needed some advice on some parts he was trying to acquire. I remember calling my wife saying “you’ll never believe who I’ve been on the phone to all morning…?!”

I spent a couple days emailing him and talking with him on the phone, we had some really in depth conversations about stuff and he even gave me some business advice (which I took on board). I asked him for a quote for the website, but never used it (along with all the other quotes I’ve had from happy customers); “Thank you so much for dealing with my unusual request re cymbal stands so promptly.  They were perfect for the job (even if I still can’t play the drums… 🙂 ….)


RIP Paul Daniels.

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