Slingerland Radio King Restoration

We just completed the restoration of this lovely 1930’s Slingerland Radio King snare drum for a client. He bought this drum a couple years ago & had it shipped to the UK from the USA. He had the edges re-cut by a drum builder as the drum had some flat spots, and decided it was time to have it looking as good as it sounded.

When it arrived, I was surprised that most of the Nickel hardware was green; but not to worry, we stripped all the hardware off and started the task of cleaning it.

Care has to be taken when cleaning Nickel over brass hardware, as if you rub too hard the nickel comes off and you’re just left with the brass! On a drum this old (80 years!) the hardware isn’t going to polish up looking like new chrome, so the mission was to remove all the green and basically get the drum clean again! I actually love it when the hardware shows some of the brass coming through under the Nickel, which is what the result was with this drum (specifically on the hoops). The shell was cleaned and polished, edges lightly waxed and heads re-fitted. The drum arrived with a set of Canopus wires which were re-tied with Puresound snare cord in brown, that I always use.

I tuned the drum up with the Drum Dial and it sounded lovely straight off. I hope it’s owner is happy with the results. If you’ve got a snare that is looking or sounding a little tired, please contact us about our restoration services.


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