We are 4 years old!

So this week it’s 4 Years since I officially opened Nick Hopkin Drums. We began in a small one room unit, with no running water or a toilet! Within the first month I took a call from Clive Deamer who was touring the USA with Radiohead and sourced a snare drum for him. We had people driving from the far ends of the country to see what we were up to and buying kits & snares. Adrian Harris from EMD came over, loved what I was doing, and gave us an account so we could stock Remo pre international heads. Mike Dolbear, Rhythm and Drummer magazine got on board.

3 months later we moved to a larger unit with two rooms a kitchen and toilet. Uk drumming legend Steve White started championing the business and so we started attracting more visitors.

We did a couple shows in the UK and in October 2012 moved to our current premises. Within a few months we had name drummers and producers turning up to try gear and basically geek out on our stock and talk drums. That hasn’t stopped!

The current shop has had many layout changes and I’m finally happy, although I’d love to move somewhere with more natural daylight and sunshine. In the winter it’s like working in a cave. On the plus side, it’s a vintage drum cave! 4 years in we look after drummers from some of the biggest bands in Europe; we’ve supplied drums for producers & studios, and saved a few sessions with some tasty vintage snares; we’ve looked after a handful of drum techs who need to source last minute spares for their guys & girls; We’ve repaired and restored hundreds of drums; We’ve supplied hundreds of vintage drum enthusiasts worldwide with essential & rare spare parts to keep their beloved drums up and playable. We currently ship to 56 countries, with new countries adding to the list weekly.

We now exhibit at shows across Europe & in the USA. Our focus has changed a little from our original idea, stocking more of what people are always asking for – great, classic snare drums and spare parts for their drums and hardware. Last year we started bringing choice snares in from USA to add to our selection of vintage English which we are known for.  We’ve started manufacturing replica spare parts; our slot head drum key and Premier snare screws have become bestsellers and ship out daily! We’re currently working on a range of snare wires as well as a series of snare levers for various vintage brands.

The business has grown really well and we have the largest stock of vintage spare parts in Europe. But we’re constantly sourcing and buying! If you’re searching for something that you can’t see on our website, drop us a line. Bear with me though, as I get an average of 25 emails a day as well as phone calls and physical customers. It’s a one man show, and I still pack all the orders, take all the photos, update the website, do the repairs…! Be sure to  sign up to our e-mailing list to receive a monthly newsletter via email. Thanks for all your support, Nick x


2 thoughts on “We are 4 years old!

  1. Good work man! So glad its worked out well. Hard work and dedication, cheers

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nick Hopkin Drums.

    Best regards Dave Almond Torquay ( Prem Resonator ).

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