Snares of the week..

We’re currently really enjoying a couple snare drums in the shop, both in white pearl with 50 years between them in age.

The first is an early 1960’s Gretsch Dixieland snare drum in White pearl. It dates from very early 60’s, prior to Gretsch putting labels inside the drums. It features a Round badge with the ‘skinny stick’ logo. The shell is good and round, with silver sealer. The white pearl wrap is tight and in great condition with one small split under a lug.

The snare throw admittedly can be a little temperamental, though it stays in the ‘on’ position, and the snare wires tension well.

Chrome over brass single flange hoops are tensioned via snare claws into 6 original single lugs. The hoops are a little worn, with some dents from years of use but are in round and both heads tension and tune well. Fitted with new Remo heads and the wires that arrived on the drum from the USA.

A great studio drum with a lively open sound. Come and try it in the shop or order it online here – Gretsch Dixieland.

Another snare we’re currently enjoying is a Craviotto Solid Maple shell. This is one of the few drums we’ve seen in white pearl. If you’re unfamiliar with Craviotto drums, they are one of the very few companies in the world today handcrafting solid shell drums.

This solid shell maple snare is signed and dated by John Craviotto October 2009. Featuring tube lugs and trick throw, Craviotto wires. As you’d expect from a solid shell snare, this drum sings; great response from every area on the snare head, both sensitivity for jazz as well as a lovely maple crack for a solid backbeat. Rarely seen in this condition for a ‘used’ drum. Come and try it! Or buy on our website. More information here



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