Hayman ‘Vibrasonic’ snare drum

Today I’m looking at a Hayman ‘Vibrasonic’ snare drum that recently came into the shop as part of a full kit. This snare drum is in lovely condition. It dates to around 1973, by the silver badge and the colour of the drum – ‘Regal Red’. This would have been manufactured towards the end of the Hayman name; Hayman ceased production of drums in 1975, you can read more about that here.

This snare drum is in lovely, original condition. There are no marks or scratches to the red wrap and neither is there any wrap lifting (which was common on hayman drums, especially around the lugs). The chrome is good, the only real exception being on the original snare strainer; despite this, it is fully functional and has the Hayman logo inscribed. All features are original – baseball bat style tone control dampener, 1o lug triple flange hoops, turret style lugs, slot head tension rods.

The white ‘vibrasonic’ shell interior is in great condition, with no crazing. The shell is round and sound, all good. I fitted the drum with new Remo Ambassador heads and the drum tuned up great. There are some sound files of the drum at low / mid tuning & mid/high tuning, both with and without moon gel. It sounds great at both, but for me its sweet spot is at a mid/high tension.

I’ve done a short video feature on this snare drum on my YouTube channel. There are more images and information on the snare drum and the matching drum kit on http://www.nickhopkindrums.com


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