Slingerland ‘140’ aluminium snare

A short blog about a great snare drum we have at the shop, this Slingerland ‘140’ ridged aluminium.Sling 140

With its super thin metal shell, this drum is really bright with plenty of volume. I find that with the snares slacked off a little, there’s loads of sensitivity with many a jazzer putting this drum through its paces in our shop. We brought a few over from the USA and this is the last one in stock.

The only non original feature is the tone control muffler – the original was missing so we fitted this one in the existing holes; Fully functional, most probably wouldn’t notice. 8 lugs, stick saver hoops and the simple but practical rapid snare strainer… tune it high for jazz and get a real funk crack out of it, or tune it down low for that 80’s thud that seems en vogue at the  moment with a bit more attack than an acrolite. Sound files here, short video feature here. More images on our website –  Nick Hopkin Drums. Enjoy.


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