SIA handcrafted Snare drums

So you may or may not have seen that we took delivery of a couple SIA snare drums last week. They crept onto the website over last weekend, and have already seen some keen interest in the shop. Handcrafted in Sydney, Australia by Sia Seysan these snares are absolutely stunning.

There’s not a great deal of info on these drums out there, in fact I don’t think SIA even has a website. Regardless, they’re starting to pick up some tasty reviews so we thought we’d better get some on the rack for people to try. We’re the first shop in the UK to stock these beauties, in time for their debut at London Drum Show this autumn.

We have a lovely 14×7″ Sheoak stave snare drum, which is absolutely stunning to look at. Fitted with 10 vintage-esque tube lugs and triple flange hoops, this drum just sings. We tried it at a couple tuning points and it just sounds lovely. Very loud, great sensitivity to the snare wires when eased off a little, I guess its really down to personal taste. But this drum doesn’t disappoint on any level, way up their with the other top drum companies out there.

I recorded it with one mic at an average mid-high tuning, and also with a kit (bass drum mic and one overhead). You can hear it here; it’s got a great tuning range, if you come down to the shop and play around with it you’ll see what I mean. More information on this drum on the website.

We also took delivery of a 14×6″ in Brush Box which you can view here What stunning snare drums these are; We don’t deal with much modern gear here, but occasionally something crosses our radar that we think is worth shouting about. These tick all the boxes.


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