Snare of the day

Brady ‘Flynn era’ Jarrah Ply

Today’s featured drum is interesting and a little controversial. It’s also pretty rare and sounds amazing.


So the story goes that this drum isn’t a Chris Brady Brady. It was made by Bill Flynn, who had some kind of association with Brady in the mid 90’s and was making these Jarrah ply drums with his own Brady badge. A Supreme High Court ruling ended production.

Several were sold in the 90’s and bought by drummers assuming that these drums were genuine Brady. And to be honest, apart from the badge which has a slightly different font, it looks and sounds like one to me.

This particular drum has been resident in a London Recording studio for some 20 years, being used on all sorts of music. It is 14×7″ Jarrah ply finished in Wandoo Burl. Fitted with tube lugs, it tunes up nicely and sounds awesome.

Controversy aside, I guess this is a kind of rare drum as they were taken out of production for legal reasons. If you’re looking for a great studio snare, maybe this is the one for you. Not a Brady but a great sounding snare.

More details here.



Kit of the week

Rogers Big R Spanish Gold

This weeks featured kit is something you don’t see everyday, particularly here in the UK. A Rogers Big R set in Big sizes – 24,13,14,18 – in Spanish Gold.


This set landed at the shop this week, and took my breath away as I took the drums out of the cases. First off, I love the colour – have you ever seen anything quite like it? Cased it’s whole life there is no fade to the wrap and the chrome is great, so I’d put this as collectors condition – although it really must be played because you should hear it!


Fitted with original Rogers heads this set hold lots of vintage charm, but in these sizes it has to be heard to be believed. 5 ply maple shells with re-rings,  in these sizes,  gives the big, fat warm sound you’d expect. I don’t like to compare brands, as we currently have some really great sets in the shop, but this really is something special. A 24″ and 18″ on a 4 piece set is just immense!


Some people didn’t like the change from the Swivomatic  to this chunkier Memrilok hardware, but its actually very good. If you can get past the oversized tubular bass drum legs, the rest is very practical. The memriloks allow you to set tom arms and floor tom legs precisely, making set up a dream.

The kit is available on our website with Worldwide shipping, but if you’re in the UK i’d urge you to make an appointment to come to the shop and hear this kit for yourself.

It’s jaw dropping!

Snare of the day

Tama King Beat

Today we look at a Japanese Classic, the Tama King Beat. This snare was introduced into Tama’s product line around 1980. A seamless metal shell fitted with a parallel action strainer which they claimed was ‘the most adjustable strainer in the industry‘. It was offered in 14 x 5″ and 14 x 6.5″.

The inner flange of the steel at a 45 degree angle gives this drum plenty of attack, whilst the thickness of the shell gives it a fat, warm sound even in the 5″ model. Combined with the adjustable strainer and Tama Snappy Snares, this drum is great and often overlooked (although seldom seen in the UK, especially in the UK).

The internal mufflers on these drums have a neatly designed control knob unlike anything I’ve seen on other brands. The lugs remind me of Rogers. The die cast hoops give the drum some weight and a more refined sound to my ears than triple flange.


We are fortunate to have both a 14 x 5″ and 14 x 6.5″ Tama King Beat in the shop at the moment, and both drums tune up and sound great. Come and try one for yourself, or trust our judgement and order online with Worldwide shipping.

Snare of the day

Rogers Super Ten

OK, so we had a stack of Rogers drums land at the shop on Monday, so today’s featured snare drum is a Rogers Super Ten.


The Super Ten snare drum was manufactured between 1973 and 1983 and offered as a chrome over steel shell in depths of 5″ and 6.5″.  This particular drum is a 14 x 6.5″ in great condition. Original hardware throughout; 10 lugs, Rogers hoops, tone control muffler, clock face snare strainer. Fitted with Remo heads and 42 strand snare wires, this snare tunes up nicely and has great response tuned higher and a big, fat warm sound tuned low.

A great sounding drum, a nice alternative to the popular Ludwig 402. More information on our website where we offer Worldwide shipping on all products.

Snare of the day

Slingerland Gene Krupa Sound King

Apologies if I’ve skipped a couple days. If I did ‘a day in the life’ post you wouldn’t believe how insanely busy I am running this shop! So today’s feature is a 1960’s Gene Krupa Sound King snare drum by Slingerland.


We’ve just had one arrive at the shop, in very good condition, with just some scratches to the stick saver hoops. With all original hardware, this chrome over brass 14 x 5″ drum sounds amazing – a real favorite of mine. Three lines in the centre of the shell and fitted with a black/brass Slingerland badge. Fitted with Slingerland’s Zoomatic strainer which works well; personally I am a fan of these although others aren’t. I think they look classy and are easy to use, and much smoother than standard strainers made by competitive brands of the same era.

You can find more information on this drum on our website. We also have a couple 1970’s drums available, when the Krupa name had been taken away and it was now the Sound King. These have the later Black / Silver Slingerland Niles badge.

Snare of the day

Ludwig Brass Edition Supraphonic

Today’s featured snare drum is a Ludwig Brass Edition supraphonic from the 1990’s. There were a limited number of these made between 1995 & 1998.


This particular drum has had the heads upgraded to Aquarian and Puresound snare wires fitted, but looks virtually unplayed. It comes in a beautiful lined case, which is also in great condition.

All original hardware fitted on this snare – tube lugs, triple flange hoops, P-85 snare strainer. Tunes up nicely and sounds beautiful. Would suit a player or a collector. More info at Nick Hopkin Drums.

Snare of the Day

Slingerland Student Radio King 13″

Our featured snare drum today has to be the drum that arrived yesterday, as I personally have never seen one before! It’s a late 1950’s 13″ Slingerland Student Radio King .


This is an original 6 lug,  13″ Student Radio King in sparkling silver. All hardware on this drum is original – stick saver hoops, clamshell snare strainer, even the snare wires. The shell interior is dated twice – April and June 1958!

It has some splits in the shell that have been re-glued, but is still in round and tunes up great. Despite its age the bearing edges are in pretty good shape.

Rare to see one of these drums, particularly in the UK. More information on this at Nick Hopkin Drums.