Snare of the day


Today’s featured snare drum, is a brand very rarely seen here in the UK, Corder.


In 1979, Jim Corder bought the Fibes drum company. He moved the facilities to Huntsville, Alabama, and rather than continue with the acrylic drums Fibes were famous for, he began producing wood shells. The lugs, strainers, hoops remained Fibes. He sold the company in the early 90’s,  so these drums were produced for just over  a decade, at the most.


This is the first one I’ve seen, but we have a full kit coming into the shop very soon. This drum is 6 ply maple in a 14 x 5.5″ in immaculate condition. Everything on this drum is original, and great! It tunes up nicely and sounds phenomenal – great response. More info on the website.


Snare of the day

Leedy ‘Shelly Manne’

This lovely Slingerland era Leedy snare arrived at the shop recently and is now on the website….

Leedy Shelly Manne Snare drum available at Nick Hopkin Drums

This drum was available 1958 – 1965 and was among the last Leedy drums manufactured. These Slingerland era drums feature 3 ply shells with chrome hardware; this model is fitted with a 3 point strainer and Slingerland’s stick saver hoops.

Finished in White Pearl, this 14 x 5.5″ snare drum is in lovely original condition – with the exception of new heads and snare wires. It tunes up nicely and has a nice, bright response. Although a long way from the original solid shell Ulysses Leedy drums of the early 30’s, this drum is fairly sought after by players and collectors alike.

More information on the website.

Snare of the day

Ludwig 400 ‘Super Sensitive’

Tail end of last week, this stunning mid 60’s Ludwig 400 Super Sensitive arrived…

Ludwig 400 Super Sensitive snare drum 1966 at Nick Hopkin Drums

It belonged to a local jazz drummer, John Gibbon, who has had this in his collection for years but no longer uses it. Time for a new home! Keystone badge, serial number 29716 dates this drum around 1966. It is in original condition, bar the heads and snare wires. Complete, functional parallel snare mechanism, white felt tone control muffler, chrome on brass hoops.

This drum suffers from the common pitting to the shell, although its not too bad. It tunes up easily and sounds lovely right across the tuning range. If you’re looking for that classic supraphonic sound with a little more sensitivity from the wires, then this is your drum! More info on the website

Snare of the day

Rogers Super Ten

Featured snare drum today is this lovely Rogers Super Ten

Rogers Super Ten 6.5 snare drum available at Nick Hopkin Drums

This drum is fairly rare to come across in the UK, a 14 x 6.5″ chrome over steel shell with all original hardware. If you’re looking for that classic American Rock low tuned thud, then this drum could be your answer. The internal dampener/muffler is nice, just touching the head slightly reduces the need for gels on the batter head.

Tune it up mid-high and you get great stick response and a lovely crack!

Many seek the Ludwig 402 as their go to 6.5″ snare drum, and overlook other worthy contenders such as this. More photos and info about this drum on the website.

Sweet Hi Hats

Zildjian New Beat

OK, so here’s something for the cymbal lovers out there; we’re all constantly searching for that sound in our head, swapping out gear for the perfect pair of hi hats….



How about this pair of 14″ hollow logo Zildjian New Beats? Some say that these earlier cymbals with the older logo sound sweeter. They sound sweet, that’s for sure! There’s a reason these were a best seller. This pair have had one owner from new.

Fancy a change? Maybe these are for you. More info on the website

Snare of the day

Gretsch 4153

This stunning Gretsch 4153 snare drum just arrived at the shop….

Gretsch 4153 snare drum available at Nick Hopkin Drums

This 14 x 6.5″ Gretsch snare drum dates to early 1980’s a truly sounds stunning. Truth be told, I usually find wood shell Gretsch snare drums quite boxy but this one is something else.


This is a 6 ply shell in natural finish, with all original hardware. The die cast hoops and lugs are in good shape, as is the lightening snare strainer – and the drum is in round. One noticeable feature is the uneven snare beds; looking at the drum from above, one can see that the beds are cut off centre. The snare wires lie flat however, and there seems to be no compromise in sound – this drum just sounds great right across the tuning range.

Not seen that often in the UK, I’d say most people with this snare in their collection hang onto it. I know two record producers who have been using an identical snare as their ‘go to’ in their studios for the past 20+ years…..

More info here

Kit of the week

Premier 20,12,14

This lovely late 60’s Premier set just hit the website in desirable sizes – 20,12,14.


This English made set represents the best the UK has to offer; exceptional quality birch shells with re-rings and the nicest hardware you can experience. Art deco lugs and hardware in high quality chrome, die cast hoops and the nicest tension rods ever designed – that simple touch of the thread not being visisble, I still don’t understand why no one has copied this today.

In 20,12,14 this set just sings when you play it, the 14 offering some serious low end when tuned down, if required. I’ve left the original heads on the set where possible – the bass drum display head is pretty worn, but then this is vintage! We can update the heads for you if required. The bass drum and floor tom are standard size, the 12″ tom is pre-international size but the original heads are good.

Some wear to the bass drum hoops, I haven’t re-painted them as this is a debatable choice; an extra tom mount has been added to the bass drum, so the set is not totally original, but that’s the only misdemeanour. More details here