Snare of the day

Olympic Discus, Gold Glitter

This classic English snare drum landed at the shop yesterday – a 1960’s Olympic Discus snare drum.


A good friend of mine in another drum shop in the UK came across this gem and knew I’d find a new home for it. It’s in great original condition, originally it would have been gold glitter but its faded to what is often described as ginger beer.

Launched in the mid 60’s, this 14 x 3.5″ snare drum was advertised as offering a high pitched crack with lightening response. The shell is 3 ply birch with reinforcement hoops, popular among English drummers in the 60’s.

All hardware on this particular drum is completely original. The Beer Tap snare strainer, the deep Olympic hoops (suffering from a little pitting to the chrome, but in round and much nicer than modern replacements), slot tension rods and the small rectangular art deco lugs.

A nice addition to your collection or maybe you have the kit to match and have been looking for a snare? It’s available on the website with Worldwide shipping.


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