Snare of the day

Ludwig Symphonic

Looks can be deceiving… this re-wrapped, restored 60’s Ludwig Symphonic snare drum landed at the shop and has blown me away! I want to keep it…


This drum is a 14 x 6.5″ 3 ply shell with re-cut edges, re-wrapped in black at some point since it came out the factory in the early 1960’s. All hardware is original – 8 individual lugs top and bottom, Classic snare strainer, pre-serial badge. The interior is a bit shabby and the there’s no dampener, but who needs one when it sounds like this?

I love playing all the snares that come through the shop, usually at the end of a long day, but occassioanlly one grabs my attention more than the others. This is one. I’ve tried it at all tuning, wide open and totally gel’d and it just sounds awesome. Stick a wallet on it for a fat thud. Tune it high and the response and tone is amazing. Someone grab this one before I keep it!

More details on this drum here.


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