Kit of the week

Premier 20,12,14

This lovely late 60’s Premier set just hit the website in desirable sizes – 20,12,14.


This English made set represents the best the UK has to offer; exceptional quality birch shells with re-rings and the nicest hardware you can experience. Art deco lugs and hardware in high quality chrome, die cast hoops and the nicest tension rods ever designed – that simple touch of the thread not being visisble, I still don’t understand why no one has copied this today.

In 20,12,14 this set just sings when you play it, the 14 offering some serious low end when tuned down, if required. I’ve left the original heads on the set where possible – the bass drum display head is pretty worn, but then this is vintage! We can update the heads for you if required. The bass drum and floor tom are standard size, the 12″ tom is pre-international size but the original heads are good.

Some wear to the bass drum hoops, I haven’t re-painted them as this is a debatable choice; an extra tom mount has been added to the bass drum, so the set is not totally original, but that’s the only misdemeanour. More details here

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